Deciduous Press

About Us

At Deciduous press, we are passionate about letterpress printing. It's the little things that excite us - the smell of our rubber based ink, the sound of our press running, the feel of our soft cotton paper. The moment when the first print in a run is pulled.

Most of all, we love the finished print letterpress creates. Our designs are all about the simplicity of ink on paper and letting the quality of the materials speak for themselves. This is what inspires us daily and drives us to create.

Our studio is home to some amazing antique equipment and of course talented people. Our lead creative (and the original founder of Deciduous press) is Andrea - you'll find her illustrations and creative input on all of our Collection designs.

We live and work in the beautiful D'Entrecasteaux Channel region in Tasmania, and this environment inspires not only our name but also the backdrop of our images.

Feel free to contact us for more information - we would love to work with you.