Deciduous Press

Wording & Etiquette

Along with the Collection suite that you choose, the wording of your stationery sets the tone for your event. Our Collections use example wording to showcase the design style. The wording you choose can vary from this, and the wording for every item you order as part of your suite is completely your choice.

Creating your Wording

Use the wording suggestions below for examples of different Invitation wording formatting. These examples are based on the wedding host and are a great starting point. We've also put together some popular gift and thank you card wording suggestions. Feel free to mix and match our suggestions as much as you like to create your perfect wording.

Keep in mind that you can choose something completely different to the examples we’ve shown. For example, you can include your RSVP or gift information on your Invitation, point guests to web sites instead of relying on maps, include menu selections on your response card or accommodation information on your save the dates. If you are unsure about what may be appropriate please don't hesitate to ask us for advice.

We also have some more information and examples for wedding invitation wording, response card formats, gift cards, thank you cards and save the dates on our journal.

Addressing your Guests

Due to the nature of the letterpress printing process, we are unable to letterpress print guest names on our invitations. If you would like to personally address your invited guests on your invitations, there are a few options:

Guest Name Calligraphy

Calligraphy is a beautiful way of adding your guest names to each invitation. For this, we can allow a space or line in your design. This is a common option for wedding invitations in Australia, and allows you to personally address each invited by name. We can recommend some wonderful calligraphers who can match our font styles, please contact us if you are interested in this option.

Printed Name Bands

Our alternative and popular option is to create name bands. Name bands are a paper wrap, digitally printed with guest names. These are then folded around your invitation and other items before inserting them into your envelope. Bands are perfect for listing each invited guests' name, and for holding your invitation pieces together. To see our full range of options and for more information about our Name bands, please visit the Bands information page.

Printed Envelopes

We also offer digital printing of your guest names and delivery address on envelope fronts. Each envelope can be printed with multiple names along with the address. This can be sufficient in many cases for addressing invited guests. A popular option when hand delivering invitations is to only print guest names (no delivery address) on the envelope front. To find out more about our envelope printing, please visit the Envelopes information page.

Languages other than English

We regularly work with couples around the world and do offer our designs in different languages. Please contact us if you are interested in working with us and need a language other than English for your pieces.

If you require more than one language for your invitations, please contact us about the options available. We can combine 2 languages on the same invitation for no charge, or we can design and print two separate invitation sets for you – one in English and a second invitation in the language of your choice for an additional fee.

When sending us your wording for a language other than English, we also recommend emailing us a scanned print out of the text. Proofreading is especially important for languages other than English, and we highly recommend checking the final copy with native language speakers before approving your design for printing.