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A unique feature of our Collection suites are our hand-drawn illustrations. Each illustration has been created from scratch by our designer and new custom illustrations can also be created on request. Every drawing used in our designs is exclusive to our stationery studio.

Hand-drawn illustrations have a special quality to them - the detail and character of the line in a pen illustration is so distinct. There is a certain thoughtfulness, imperfection, and liveliness of a hand-drawn illustration that can add so much to a design. The style is distinctly different from a digital illustration which can tend to feel impersonal and over-stylized. The detail that can be captured by pen translates beautifully into letterpress, so it is a perfect pairing of the two mediums.

Existing Illustrations

Our existing illustrations can be incorporated into any of our design suites. For example, a floral illustration from one of our designs can be added to one of our typography designs. In this way, you can mix and match your design styles as much as you like to create your perfect suite.
We may have a pre-existing venue illustration that you'd like to use in your design. Please contact us to discuss the options available and pricing.

Commission a Custom Illustration

A custom illustration can be a beautiful way to personalise your wedding invitations, save the dates, information cards or programs. Custom illustrations can be added to any of our suites, not just those that feature a sample venue illustration. Pricing begins at $60 for a custom venue illustration. Please contact us regarding your ideas and pricing prior to ordering.

Creating a Custom Illustration

Custom Venue Illustrations

The Naomi and Leah design suites incorporate a custom hand-drawn illustration of a wedding venue as part of the design. Using an illustration from our collection of venues is no additional cost, or a custom illustration can be created of an image of your choice for $60 - $120. Our existing illustration collection currently includes a diverse range of venues across Australia and we are constantly adding to the list. Please contact us for a full list of available venues.

Your illustration can be of venue buildings, outdoor settings or an important landmark. Feel free to contact us to discuss design ideas before requesting a quote.

To create your custom Illustration design for use in this design, you’ll need to send us suitable photos or source material we can work with. All of this can be sent through when you are ready to begin your order as part of your wording and design notes.

Example Venue Illustrations

Customs House, Brisbane (Naomi Suite)

Silos Estate, Berri (Leah Suite)

Circa 1878, Hunter Valley (Leah Suite)

Merribee House, Numbaa NSW (Leah Suite)

Curzon Hall, Sydney (Amelia Suite)

Sydney Harbour / Pier One / Harbour Cruise (Naomi Suite)

Vaucluse House, Vaucluse NSW (Celeste Suite)

Chapel of the Holy Spirit, Newman College (Grace Suite)

Regina Coeli Memorial Church, Beverly Hills (Grace Suite)

Rose Arbour, Royal Hobart Botanic Gardens (Lauryn Suite)

Moreton Bay Fig Tree (Madison Suite)

Oak Tree (Madison Suite)

Olive Tree (Madison Suite)

Eucalyptus leaves (Naomi Suite)