Deciduous Press

Design Process & Proofing

Proofs are electronic versions of your design. Using your wording, we create your design and email a version to you as full colour PDFs. This allows you to see your wording, fonts, colours and design changes in the context of the Collection design you have selected. You can then give your feedback on the proofs, after which we will make any changes requested before sending through a revised version. We continue revising from your feedback until the design is perfect and ready for printing.

Checking your proofs

It is very important that you check the spelling and grammar of your proofs carefully, as no corrections can be made once your design is approved for printing. We always recommend printing your designs out and running them by family or friends who are sometimes more likely to pick up previously unnoticed errors.

While we can't offer printed samples of your design, the proofs combined with the collection samples you purchased will give you a great idea of how your design will look. Bear in mind that your design will be tactile and textural once printed, and that colours may vary from those shown on your screen.