Deciduous Press


You can choose to order different quantities for every piece you order. You may like to order additional invitations to ensure that you are able to cover any late guest list additions. Due to the printing process, it is an expensive exercise to return for 2 or 3 extra invitations, so we recommend including a few extras when you place your initial order.

You may also like to order extras of any items to be handwritten upon (invitations with guest names, thank you cards) to cover for any errors. 10-20% extra will normally be sufficient for this purpose.

Keep in mind when compiling your guest list that many guests (couples, families) can be invited with the same invitation. A wedding of 120 guests for example, may only require 60 invitations.

No minimum quantity

We don't have a minimum order quantity, and you can order the exact number of items you require. However, letterpress printing does have high setup costs (making printing plates, hand-mixing inks, preparing the press), which are the same whether you order 20 or 100 pieces.

Adjusting your order

Once you have placed an order, you can add, remove or change your pieces, alter the number of colours or adjust your quantities during the design and proofing process right up until final proof approval. This allows you to see your wording & design choices in context before finalising your quote and also gives you time to refine your guest list. Once your design has been approved, we will send you through a final invoice reflecting any changes made. If you make changes, your total order cost and final payment amount will differ from your original quote.

Additional envelopes

We include an extra 10% addressable envelopes (inner and outer envelope if ordered) in your order to cover for any addressing errors or mistakes. You can order extra envelopes on top of this if needed. Bear in mind that calligraphers normally require an extra 10 - 20% envelopes for addressing.