Deciduous Press

Tactile Paper

High quality paper is at the heart of our all our stationery. We work with papers that have a soft, lightly textured surface that showcases the beautiful letterpress impression. Our paper is 100% cotton, made from cotton linters – which are a by-product of the cotton industry. This makes our paper not only beautiful, but environmentally friendly as well.

Paper shades

When you order you can choose from our two different paper shades – White - which is a pure, bright paper shade, and Soft white - which is an ivory, creamier paper shade.

Paper weights

Our paper also comes in two different weights. 300gsm is the paper weight used for most of our items, and it has a lovely surface texture and thickness. 600gsm is twice as thick, and as such holds a deeper, more textural impression.

We find that a combination of 600gsm paper for invitations and 300gsm paper for enclosure pieces always looks great. Purchase a sample of one of our designs to see our different paper weights and shades and to pick your favourites in person.