Deciduous Press


We work with a selection of high quality papers and envelopes for our wedding stationery. Letterpress printing is known for its lovely tactile printed finish which you can feel when you run your hand across the piece. This finish can only be achieved by using a thick, soft art quality paper that allows for a deep impression print. We like to showcase the beautiful impression effect with minimal, simple design choices that let the quality of our papers and printing shine. We offer a beautiful cotton paper in shades of white for you to choose from for your suite.

100% Cotton Paper & Envelopes

Our soft 100% cotton paper is lovely to touch and has a lightly textured surface that allows for a beautiful letterpress impression. This paper is what makes our printing and stationery so luxurious.

When you order you can choose from our two different paper shades – White - which is a pure, bright paper shade, and Soft white - which is an ivory, creamier paper shade. Our Collection suites are shown printed on either shade.

Our paper also comes in two different weights. 300gsm is the paper weight used for most of our items, it has a lovely surface texture and thickness. 600gsm is twice as thick, and holds a deeper, more textural impression. We love the combination of 600gsm paper for invitations and 300gsm paper for enclosure pieces.

To help you select your paper shade and weight, a small swatch of each is included in our complimentary ‘Ordering Pack’. You’ll receive this pack when you submit a quote request, allowing you to decide on the options first hand.