Deciduous Press


Pricing for our Collection designs can be found on each of the design pages, just select your favourite design and scroll to the ‘Pricing & Ordering’ section for a detailed quote. You can also place your order using this area of our website.

Letterpress printing does have high setup costs (making printing plates, hand-mixing inks, preparing the press), which are the same whether you order 20 or 100 pieces.

All of our Collection designs are priced according to the number of ink colours used in the design. For example, all of our 1 ink colour designs are the same price (Grace, Sophia, Chloe). ‘Blind’ printing or printing without ink is considered an ink colour for pricing purposes, as it requires a second printing plate and print run.

Whats included

Our pricing includes all of our design changes, such as wording, fonts, paper shade, ink colour(s) and design alterations. See our design changes pages for more information on the changes we can make.

Our pricing includes GST for orders within Australia.

Postage of your final parcels from our studio to your address is included in our pricing. We post our parcels using Australia post Express post to ensure prompt delivery and parcel tracking.