Deciduous Press

Name Bands

Name Bands (paper wraps / belly bands) are an optional finishing piece that can be added to your suite. They are both practical and beautiful, being used to hold your pieces together and add extra colour and contrast. Bands are available in a choice of designs to match or complement our envelope liners and envelope shades.

All of our Bands are provided trimmed and ready to assemble with a double-sided adhesive tab. Bands are approximately 40mm wide and are available in lengths to match your Invitation orientation.

The Band shades we offer match our letterpress paper and include White and Soft white. We also have a beautiful translucent (vellum) paper available for bands.

Name band shades
White, Soft white & Translucent vellum
Name band shades
Stone, Almond, Sage & Cement
Name band shades
Seedling, Marina & Pewter
Name band shades
Hunter Green, Midnight Blue & Black

Guest Names

We love digitally printing guest names on Bands so that the band becomes a neat and clear way to personally address your guests. This is a great option if you need to be specific about who is invited (i.e. parents only) and want to ensure there is no confusion about the guest list.

Guest names on your name bands are designed in fonts & colours to complement your invitations. Most of the Name band shades can be printed in a colour or in white digital, however on the lighter shades the white will be less legible.

Please let us know when you send through your wording if you’d like your guest names included on your Bands. We provide you with a spreadsheet to complete with all of your guest names. You can also request additional blank name bands for late guest list additions, please let us know when you place your order.