Deciduous Press

Letterpress Inks & Foils

We offer a range of beautiful letterpress ink and hot foil shades that you can select from for your design. Our Collection suites use some of our favourite ink and foil shades to accentuate the design styles. You can choose different shades to those shown to tie in with your wedding. You can also change areas of the design from letterpress ink to foil and vice versa.

Selecting your Ink Shade

Our letterpress inks are hand mixed in our studio from 14 base inks allowing us to create thousands of shades. We’ve created a ‘House’ selection of our favourite 40+ colours for you to choose from for your design. These shades cover a wide range of hues and tones and compliment our Collection suites. Along with beautiful pinks, blues and shades of grey, the range also includes letterpress silver, gold and copper (matt finish). We can also letterpress print blind (no ink) for a subtle textural effect.

To help you pick your letterpress ink shade, a printed swatch of each is included in our complimentary ‘Ordering Pack’. You’ll receive this pack when you submit a quote request, allowing you to pick your colours first hand.

If you would like a specific shade, custom blends are also available. To create a custom blend we will hand mix a colour in just the right proportions to create any shade you choose. Custom blends are an additional $35. If you’d like a custom blend, let us know when you send through your wording and design notes. We will send you one of our returnable colour guides (within Australia) containing thousands of swatches of all of the colours we can print. We will also include a pre-paid return satchel for you return the guide once you have chosen your shades.

The guide will allow you to select a colour first hand, and match it to anything you are incorporating into your day. This will give you the widest possible range of choice, and allow you to select the perfect shade for your design.

Please get in touch if you are unsure about which ink colours will suit your design and colour scheme as we are more than happy to give advice and recommendations.

Selecting your Foil Shade

As well as letterpress inks, we also offer hot foil printing in a selected range of shades. Hot foil uses the same print process and equipment as letterpress printing. Instead of ink being mixed, a fine film of foil is applied with heat and pressure. Unlike ink, foil cannot be customised and is only available in set shades. Our foil is available in shiny metallic colours such as Gold, Silver, Copper, Rose Gold and Champagne Gold.

To help you pick your foil shade, a printed swatch of each is included in our complimentary ‘Ordering Pack’. You’ll receive this pack when you submit a quote request, allowing you to select your preferred shade first hand.

Customising your Letterpress Ink or Foil Combination

Our Collection suites are intended to illustrate our range of printing methods. Some designs show letterpress ink and some designs show foiling or a combination of both. We can use letterpress ink or foil in any design, even if its not currently used in that suite. This is up to you and your design style preference.

Whilst the printing methods are interchangeable, please note that foiling is an additional cost. Foiling requires metal plates to withstand heat which are more expensive. We offer foiling as an optional extra on most pieces for Bride & Groom's names or the piece Heading. Pricing for this option can be found in the 'My Quote' section on each suite page.

If you would like to use foil for your entire design (i.e. all text or all illustration) please contact us for pricing.

If you are unsure about whether to use a letterpress ink or foil in your design, please get in touch for advice so we can recommend combinations suitable to your design choice and wording.