Deciduous Press

Textural Envelopes

Our envelopes are one of the unique elements of our stationery. We offer gorgeous matching 100% cotton envelopes, along with Coloured envelopes, Return address printing, and plain or printed Envelope liners.

100% cotton envelopes

Our standard envelopes are beautifully elegant, perfect for any wedding invitation style. Made from our 100% cotton paper in a 120gsm weight, they are gorgeously soft and supple in texture, print with a lovely impression, and perfectly compliment our letterpress papers. They are available in White or Soft white shades.

Coloured envelopes

We also offer 4 different envelope shades to compliment our Letterpress house inks and our Collection of designs. These shades include:

  • Vellum white: a pale, subtle shade of pink
  • Pale grey: a neutral light shade of grey
  • Smoke: a darker mid shade of grey
  • Harvest: a kraft brown shade

These shades are also available as Envelope liners and Name bands so that you can mix and match your stationery set. Please see our 'Sizes & Shapes' for the envelope sizes currently available in these shades.

Return address printing

We can print your return address on your envelopes (letterpress of course) for an elegant finishing touch to your design. For your invitation envelope, the return address is usually featured on the envelope flap. For Response card envelopes, your return address is printed on the front of the envelope for delivery back to you.

See our delivery address printing for options for your guest delivery details.

Envelope liners

Pairing an envelope liner with your invitation, thank you card or save the date can add a luxurious finish to your wedding stationery. Our collection of liners patterns are designed to perfectly compliment our letterpress invitations. For example, pair simple & elegant stripes with an illustration-based design, or use some bold stripes to compliment to one of our typography-only designs.

Patterns - Letterpress printed

All of our liners are letterpress printed here in the studio on our 120gsm 100% cotton white or soft white paper. Liners are printed to order, at the same time as we print your invitation pieces meaning colours always match. Every liner is cut to size and inserted by hand with care into each envelope.

Liner designs

Image of liner design no. 1
no. 1
Image of liner design no. 2
no. 2
Image of liner design no. 3
no. 3
Image of liner design no. 4
no. 4
Image of liner design no. 5
no. 5
Image of liner design no. 6
no. 6
Image of liner design no. 7
no. 7
Image of liner design no. 9
no. 9
Image of liner design no. 10
no. 10
Image of liner design no. 11
no. 11

Plain envelope liners

We also offer plain, unprinted liners in a range of gorgeous paper shades. These shades include gorgeous pinks, blues and neutral greys. Order one of our Collection samples to see the range of shades available first hand.