Deciduous Press


We offer a range of envelopes for you to choose from for your suite. Complete your envelopes with optional extras such as envelope liners and address printing for a beautiful finish.

100% Cotton Envelopes

Our matching 100% cotton envelopes are made from 120gsm paper and are available in White and Soft white shades. See our ‘Piece & Envelope Sizes’ for more information about the range of sizes we have available.

Image of Envelopes Large Rectangle Size
100% cotton envelopes available in White & Soft White with a Euro Flap

Coloured Envelopes

Coloured envelopes are available to match our large Invitation size in these beautiful shades:

Image of Envelopes Large Rectangle Size
Coloured envelopes in Stone, Almond, Sage and Cement
Image of Envelopes Large Rectangle Size
Coloured envelopes in Seedling, Marina & Pewter
Image of Envelopes Large Rectangle Size
Coloured envelopes in Hunter Green, Midnight Blue & Black

See our ‘Piece & Envelope Sizes’ for more information.

Envelope Liners

We believe that the finishing touches can elevate your design to something memorable and different. Envelope Liners are an optional extra and are a lovely addition to any suite. They can be used to accentuate the simplicity and quality of our letterpress printing by adding contrast and colour. Choose from our liner designs to perfectly complement your paper and ink shade choices.

Our range includes a selection of designs in set colours, digitally printed on 120gsm cotton paper. Each liner is printed to order and inserted into your envelopes by hand.

Liner Designs

Image of liner design striped
Classic Stripes
Image of liner design striped
Pin Stripes
Image of liner design striped
Any plain shade
Image of liner Custom design
Custom design to match your suite (contact for options)
Image of Twilight Mist design
Twilight Mist
Image of liner Blush Mist design
Blush Mist

Liner Designs: Vintage Artworks

Image of liner design
Image of liner design
Image of liner design
Image of liner design
Flowering Gum
Image of liner design
Image of liner design
Image of liner design
Image of liner design
Image of liner design
Image of liner design
Image of liner design
Image of liner design

Envelope Printing

Finish your invitations by adding printing of your guest names & addresses to your envelopes. We offer coordinating fonts and ink shades for your envelope printing so that your final pieces look seamless from the very first impression.

Printing on envelope front (digitally printed)

This can include printing of your guest delivery address (envelope front) and your return address (envelope front, top left corner). If you are hand-delivering, it can be a lovely option to just print guest names for a personalised invitation. We only offer printing on the front of envelopes.

The shades White, Soft white, Almond, Stone, Sage and Cement can be printed in an ink colour to complement your suite (e.g. grey or Black).

Pewter, Marina and Seedling can be printed in an ink colour to complement your suite (e.g. Slate or Black) or in digital White.

Hunter Green, Midnight blue and Black can be printed in digital White only.

If you choose address printing for your envelopes, we will provide you with a spreadsheet to complete and return to us for printing. Any spare unprinted envelopes will be included in your final parcel as well.

Other envelope finishing options

Alternatively, we also highly recommend calligraphy for your guest names & addresses. Calligraphers can use Gold and Silver metallic ink shades which pair beautifully with foiling. We can recommend some wonderful calligraphers who can match our font styles, please contact us if you are interested in this option.