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Our Pieces

We offer a range of stationery pieces as part of a complete wedding stationery suite. You can pick and choose the pieces you need to create your order. We don’t restrict orders to package sets and you can order different quantities for each and every piece. Envelopes are also optional, as well as all of the extra finishing options. If there is a piece not included in our current list that you would like as part of your stationery, please don’t hesitate to ask us! Custom pieces can be created on request.

Wedding Invitations + Envelopes

Invitations are the central piece of any wedding stationery and the most important card in your wedding stationery set. Your invitation sets the scene for your wedding - a beautifully styled wedding invitation will at a glance allow your guests to envisage your wedding day. The invitation should embody the theme of the event to come. An Invitation formally invites your guests to your wedding. It includes important information such as the date, time and locations. Optionally it will also include RSVP information and a Dress code. For more wording suggestions, please see our Wording & Etiquette page.

Our Invitations are generally a single-sided card, printed with all of your details and design elements. We can also print double-sided on our thickest 600gsm paper, but do not recommend double-sided printing on our thinner 300gsm paper due to the letterpress impression show through. Our invitations are available in in Large rectangle size - details, dimensions and matching envelopes can be found on our Piece & Envelope Sizes page.

Invitation Assembly - Name bands

Name Bands (paper wraps / belly bands) are an optional finishing piece that can be added to your suite. They are strips of paper that are digitally printed with guest names (optional) and are wrapped around the invitation before inserting into the envelope. They can be used to hold your pieces together and add extra colour and contrast to your suite. Bands are available in White or Soft white and Translucent vellum.
Other assembly options for invitations include Wax seals, Vellum inserts, Silk Ribbon and Paper twine - please contact us to discuss options for your suite.

Invitation Envelopes

Matching Invitation Envelopes are available to pair with our Invitation sizes. As well as beautiful 100% cotton envelopes we also work with a range of coloured Invitation envelopes. Envelopes can be ordered plain, or we offer a wide range of optional finishing extras including:

Envelope Delivery & Return Address Printing

Finish your invitations by adding printing of your guest names & addresses to your envelopes. We offer coordinating fonts and ink shades for your envelope printing. This can include printing of your guest delivery address (envelope front) and your return address (envelope front, top left corner).

Envelope Liners

The printed insert on the inside of the envelopes are known as Envelope Liners. Traditionally used to add thickness and opacity to the invitation envelope, they are a beautiful way to accentuate the simplicity and quality of our letterpress printing by adding contrast and colour. See the Liner Designs on our Envelope page for a full range of options, or contact us for a custom liner quote.

Response Cards + Envelopes and RSVP Postcards

There are a variety of ways to request an RSVP from your guests. This information can be included on your invitation, on an information card or on its own response card. Response Cards are ideal as they allow extra room for other important information you might need such as dietary requirements, meal preferences, transport or RSVP for other wedding events. 
We offer 2 types of RSVP card:

Response Cards with Envelopes

Our Response Cards are a small card letterpress printed single-sided with your information. These are paired with an envelope to match which can be letterpress printed on the front (optional) with your return address.

RSVP Postcards

Our RSVP Postcards are a flat card letterpress printed single-sided with your information as well as your return address. A space in the top right corner is reserved for a stamp. RSVP Postcards are a budget-friendly option as they do not need an extra envelope for postage.

Invitation Insert Pieces - Gift cards, Information Cards and Custom Maps

Sometimes there is extra information you need to communicate to guests that won’t fit or isn’t suitable to place on your invitation. In these circumstances we recommend an insert piece be used such as a Gift card / Information card / Custom Map.

These are the perfect option if you need to communicate important information such as gift registries or preferences, transport arrangements, parking locations or venue locations, pre- or post- wedding celebration details, or any other information specific to your day.

Note that your Information card can include as much detail as you like, so if you prefer you can incorporate your RSVP details, Venue addresses or even Reception details on this piece. There is no limit to the information you can include (apart from space of course).

Your Custom map can be used for a variety of purposes such as illustrating the proximity of ceremony & reception locations, or indicating parking / entry to your venue. The main difference between this piece and an information card is the visual aspect - the map will include a small drawing or illustration as part of the design and this is reflected in our pricing.

Our insert pieces are all letterpress printed single-sided with your information in a design style to match your Invitations. We offer 2 sizes of Information card and Custom Map - small and medium - see the measurements on our Piece & Envelope Sizes page. If you are unsure about the amount of information you can include or what size is suitable for you, please contact us for advice.

Save the Dates + Envelopes

The Save the date is a pre-wedding notice that asks your guests to do exactly that, reserve your date in their calendar. The role of this card is to allow guests to plan in advance and also let them know that a formal invitation will be sent at a later date. Our Save the Dates are letterpress printed single-sided in our Medium card size in a design style to match your Invitations. Matching cotton envelopes are available for this piece. Envelope optional extras such as envelope liners and delivery address printing are also available.

Thank You Cards + Envelopes

Thank You Cards are sent to guests after your wedding. They are used to thank your guests for celebrating your wedding day with you and acknowledge any gifts. These cards often include a personal handwritten or printed message to your guests. They are usually sent out around 1-2 months after your wedding. There are 2 types of letterpress Thank you cards we offer. The first and most popular option is to have a printed flat card with a minimal amount of text, allowing plenty of space for you to handwrite a personal message. The second option is a Thank you card printed with a longer thank you message. Our Thank You Cards are letterpress printed single-sided in a design style to match your Invitations. We offer Thank You Cards in Small and Medium sizes to suit your needs. Matching cotton envelopes are available for this piece. Envelope optional extras such as envelope liners and delivery printing are also available.

Wedding Day Items

We offer a variety of day of pieces to match all of our suites. These include:

Programs / Order of Service

These pieces provide a beautiful addition to your wedding ceremony and a lovely keepsake for your guests. We offer a variety of options for Programs / Order of Service.

A4 Program Cover

These are covers in A4 size, scored in the centre allowing them to be folded in half to form an A5 booklet cover. You can then insert pages and bind the booklet together with ribbon or string. The cover is letterpress printed single-sided in a style to match your wedding invitations. The cover can be printed on the outside front and outside back. The A4 size of the cover makes it easy to design and print insert pages to fit. Insert pages and assembly are also available on request.

Flat Programs

For simpler programs, flat single-sided cards can be a good choice. Flat programs generally include a brief order of service and list the wedding party. They can also include a thank you message and details about the reception. They make lovely keepsakes for your guests. Our Flat programs are letterpress printed single-sided in a design style to match your wedding invitations. A variety of sizes are available according to your needs, see our Piece & Envelope Sizes for more information.

Menu Cards and Name Bands

Menu cards are a beautiful stationery addition and can take pride of place on table settings. They not only allow guests to conveniently see the meal options but also can include additional information to help those with allergies or special dietary requirements choose their meals. Our Menus are letterpress printed single-sided in a style to match your wedding invitations. Menus are available in a variety of sizes depending on your needs including the popular DL size (1/3 A4). See our Piece & Envelope Sizes page for more options.
As an alternative option to Place Cards we also offer Name Bands which are digitally printed with your guest names and can be used to wrap around your Menus or napkins. These are a great alternative to folded Place Cards. If you’ve used Name Bands on your wedding invitations place card bands can be a lovely continuation of this style.

Favour Tags

Tags can be the perfect addition to favours and can be attached with ribbon or string. They make gorgeous keepsakes of your wedding day and can include a small thank you message to your guests. Usually, Tags are designed with your names and wedding date plus thank you heading, but they could also include a quote or other message (such as charity donations). Tags can be used for a variety of purposes and we offer a range of shapes to suit most situations. Our tags are letterpress printed single-sided in a design style to match your wedding invitations. The shapes we offer include a hole-punch for easy assembly. Ribbon or string is also available on request. Please contact us if you have another shape in mind or need a particular size. See the Piece & Envelope Sizes page for the shapes and sizes available.

Place Cards

Place Cards are used on the tables at your wedding to indicate where each guest will be seated. As letterpress printing is unsuitable for printing designs where the names change on each card, we offer digital printing for our place cards. Place cards are available flat or folded. Our Flat place cards can be placed on the table or plate setting, or held upright in a card holder. Folded place cards stand alone and are tent-style. They are scored down the centre for easy folding. Folded place cards are printed with guest names on the front and your names & wedding date on the back (optional).

Other 1-off Pieces

Along with the wedding day pieces listed above we also offer larger or 1-off items as design-only. This means we create the designs for you in a style to match the rest of your stationery, carrying through the fonts, colours and illustrations (where applicable). You can then print these designs yourselves or through a local print-house. These items include Seating Charts, Table listings, Signage (including welcome signs and gift table signs) - anything you need. Please contact us prior to ordering to discuss the options and to request a quote.