Deciduous Press


In the press room

We use recycled cotton rags and use a low VOC biodegradable press wash for cleaning our press. We use a rubber based ink as its non-skinning properties minimises waste. Typical orders use 10g of ink per colour. Our printing plates are mounted on a reusable base. All of our paper offcuts are recycled or reused in our studio. We try to minimise our waste as much as possible, compost all of our food scraps and breathe only the cleanest Tasmanian air.


The paper we stock is 100% cotton and specifically manufactured for letterpress printing. It is produced from reclaimed cotton linters - a by-product of the cotton industry. Not only does this produce the finest cotton paper it also means no additional cotton is grown specifically for our paper, nor is any tree sourced fibre used.


If you have any ideas of how we could improve our printing practices please contact us, we would love to hear your suggestions.