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Crafting the Perfect Wedding Invitation Information Card

A Guide to Wording

When planning a wedding, every detail matters, from the floral arrangements to the venue, and most importantly, the invitations. The wedding invitation sets the tone for the event and provides guests with essential details about the celebration. Among these details, the information card is crucial. It serves as a guide to ensure guests have all the pertinent information they need to make the day enjoyable and stress-free. Crafting a professional and clear information card can make all the difference.

What to include on your Information Card


If you aren’t using a Response card for RSVP, you can include your RSVP details on your information card. Be sure to include a RSVP date, the preferred method of reply (email, phone or website) and any special requests such as dietary requirements.

Dress Code

Specify the attire for the event, whether it’s black-tie, semi-formal, cocktail, or casual.


If children are invited, or if the event is adult-only, clearly state this to avoid confusion.

Accommodation Details

If you have reserved a block of rooms at a specific hotel, include the name of the hotel, address, and booking instructions. Mention any discount codes or booking deadlines.
Mention any nearby hotels or accommodation options if your guests will be travelling.

Weather Preparedness

If the wedding is outdoors, suggest appropriate attire, footwear or bringing items like umbrellas.

Transportation and Directions

Directions: Provide simple directions from major highways or local landmarks, or include a small map.
Parking Information: Mention available parking options or valet services.
Shuttle Services: If transportation is provided, include the shuttle schedule and pick-up locations.

Additional Events

Mention any pre- or post-wedding events, such as a welcome dinner, morning-after brunch, or rehearsal dinner.

Gift Information

Provide guests with information on gift preferences, such as a registry or if you prefer no gifts. Ensure this section is tastefully worded to convey gratitude.
Registry: Mention where you are registered and provide website links if applicable.
No Gifts: If you prefer no gifts, politely state this preference while expressing gratitude.
Alternative Gifts: Suggest alternatives like charitable donations if that aligns with your wishes.

Contact Information

Provide contact details for the wedding planner or a point of contact for the day of the wedding in case guests have questions or need assistance.

Wedding Website

If you have a wedding website with more information for your guests, be sure to include it along with any passcodes or further information needed to access the site.

Some Examples

Professional Wording Tips

Clarity and Conciseness

Keep the wording straightforward and to the point. Avoid overly flowery language that might obscure important details.


Maintain a warm yet formal tone. This is a celebration, but the information card should still reflect a sense of professionalism and clarity.


Ensure the style and tone are consistent with the rest of the wedding stationery.

Creating a well-crafted wedding invitation information card not only helps your guests feel informed and valued but also sets the stage for a beautifully organised celebration. With clear and professional wording, you ensure that your special day proceeds smoothly, leaving everyone free to enjoy the joyous occasion.

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