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What to include in an Invitation set

What pieces should and shouldn't be included in a wedding invitation? A wedding invitation can be made up of much more than just one card. We've outlined some of our favourite invitation components, how they are used and why you might need to use them.

The Invitation

Let us begin with the most important card in your wedding stationery suite. The Invitation is normally a single flat card, printed on one side which formally invites your guests to your wedding. It includes important information such as the date, time and locations. Optionally it will also include RSVP information and a dress code.

For detailed information on what to include on your wedding invitation, see our Wedding Invitation Wording information, as well as tips and tricks for Wording 'Adults Only' Wedding Invitations.

Sometimes, there can be a bit too much information for a single card, or you wish to use a simpler, more minimalist design. In these cases, much of the extra information can be added to accompanying pieces.

Accompanying Piece: The Response Card

Finding out which guests are able to make it to your wedding is important for planning and catering purposes, and there are a variety of ways to request this information. One method is to include minimal RSVP information on your wedding invitation. This can be just a simple line that details the date you'd like a response by and your contact information. Sometimes this can be the best option if many of your guests live outside Australia or you know that a phone number or email address would be an easier way for guests to reply.

The next option is to include a Response Card, which your guests will fill out and post back to you. This gives you some extra room to request additional information such as dietary requirements, transport preferences etc.

We love designing small Response Cards with matching envelopes that are printed with your return address. That way your guests can simply complete the card and pop it in the mail. Including a stamp on the envelope so that they are ready to post is a thoughtful touch.

As an alternative to the Response Card and Envelope, we also offer RSVP Postcards which combines response and postage details onto the same card, saving the need for a separate printed envelope.

Accompanying Piece: The Gift or Wishing Well Card

Choosing the perfect gift can be difficult, so you may wish to include a Gift Card that helps guide your guests when searching. Depending on your wishes, you can include information about gift registries or types of gifts you would prefer, such as if you have a Wishing Well on the day, or if you prefer a contribution to your honeymoon. We also have wording suggestions if you're looking for some inspiration.

Accompanying Piece: The Information / Details Card

Sometimes our clients have other information that is helpful for their guests, such as transport arrangement, parking locations or post-wedding celebrations. These can be included in a separate information card as they are most likely unable to fit on the Invitation card itself. If there is only a small amount of information, one idea is to combine the gift suggestions and / or RSVP details onto this card as well.

A popular option is to include a QR code to link your guests directly to the RSVP or further information on your website. Although this could be added to the invitation itself, my preference is to include the code on an information card to keep the invitation elegant and classic. I also recommend including the website or link written out as well.

Larger cards can incorporate multiple headings, with information separated into sections to make the card easy to read.

The information card can be a beautiful addition to your suite, with space for all of the extra details as well as illustrations.

Accompanying Piece: Custom Map

If it’s difficult to concisely and clearly explain how to get to your wedding location, providing a clear and simple map can often be the best way to go. Using a custom design allows you to highlight the important landmarks and roads that your guests should use, and help them avoid a few U-turns.

Assembly Item: Name Bands

Name bands are a wonderful assembly option we offer, designed to both keep your pieces together, add colour / texture to your suite and can be printed with guest names as well. They are the perfect way to personally address your guests and have plenty of room to list the name of each invited guest clearly. This can be extremely important when your list is limited - for example when you are paper wraps that are digitally printed with your guest names and wrapped around your pieces to keep everything together.

Name Bands not only look great (and are the perfect way to add more colour to your suite) they also allow you the space to list the names of each invited guest. This can be a great way of avoiding any ‘plus ones’ and allows you to list the names of children (if invited). Read more about our Name bands on our ‘Design Changes’ page.

Invitation Envelopes

Your invitations set the scene for your entire wedding and your envelope will be the first thing your guests see. They make the initial impression and set the tone for your event. Coordinated envelopes are the perfect way to set the tone for your invitations. There are a range of ways you can finish your envelopes to create the perfect first impression.

Digitally Printed Guest Names & Addresses

Digital printing of delivery addresses is the perfect way to finish your envelopes with a matching design. Each envelope is printed with fonts and colours to compliment your invitation style.

If you are hand-delivering your invitations, you can have your guest names printed on the front of each envelope for a beautifully finished and personally addressed envelope.

More information about our delivery address printing can also be found on the Envelopes page on our website.

Envelope Liners

Envelope liners are one of our favourite ways to add colour or pattern to your invitation suite. They can be used to accentuate the simplicity and quality of our letterpress printing by adding contrast and colour. Liners fit inside your envelopes and are the first thing your guests will see on opening the envelope. This is the perfect place to add something special and different to your design, such as a floral illustration, pattern or watercolour effect.

A full list of the envelope liner options available can also be found on the Envelopes page on our website.

Final Thoughts

Our wedding collection designs showcase many more possibilities and examples of invitations and their insert pieces. Contact us if you need more advice or suggestions for what pieces to include as part of your Invitation set - we are more than happy to help! We also recommend seeing Samples of our work to help with your decision making, which can be requested from our website.

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Andrea, thank you for the absolutely wonderful job you did with our invitations. You really went above and beyond to help us with our vision. They're just gorgeous and have everyone gushing. You've really helped to make everything come together.
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The invitations are lovely. Thank you so much. We are both very happy. It has been such a pleasant experience working with you, thank you again.
- Rebecca & Alban (NSW Australia)
I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU! Our invitations are absolutely beautiful. So elegant. We absolutely love them. Your service has been impeccable and we couldn't ask for a better product. Thank you so much, it's been an absolute pleasure dealing with you.
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