Deciduous Press

Design changes

Make our designs yours by altering the design layout to create a suite that is personal and unique to you.

Changes you might like to consider

  • rotating the design from landscape to portrait or portrait to landscape
  • changing the invitation size
  • adding, moving, rotating, scaling, reflecting or removing illustration elements
  • moving text or changing its alignment
  • removing or adding lines, check boxes, symbols or other elements to response cards
  • removing or adding lines to thank you cards

How to let us know what changes you would like

You can include any notes about the design changes you would like to see for your design when completing your wording forms. The proofing process will give you plenty of opportunity to see your wording in the context of your design, make any changes and refine your design until it is perfect. We will not go to press until you are thrilled with the design of each of your pieces and we are always accommodating of any changes you would like to see.