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Creating a great first impression

Your invitations set the scene for your entire wedding and your envelope will be the first thing your guests see. They make the initial impression and set the tone for your event. Coordinated envelopes are the perfect way to set the tone for your invitations. By presenting a beautifully finished envelope your guests will know to anticipate something exceptional. Here are our tips for elevating your invitation envelopes from ordinary to special.

Envelope Shade & Finish

Matching White or Soft white envelopes are the classic envelope shades and a great choice for a traditional envelope finish. Nothing says 'wedding invitation' like a beautiful white, soft and fluffy cotton envelope. It is hard to overstate the difference between a cotton envelope and a standard envelope – cotton envelopes have a gorgeous textured finish and a lovely weight in the hand.

Our White & Soft white envelopes are converted from a premium cotton paper in 120gsm weight, so they perfectly match our letterpress papers. They can be printed with a range of digital text shades which makes them suitable to pair with any of our letterpress house inks.

All White and Soft white envelopes come with a classic square flap, which makes them perfect for envelope liners and delivery address printing. We have more information including sizes and dimensions for our cotton envelopes on the Envelopes page on our website.

Our envelopes are also available in a range of on-trend shades, designed to compliment our designs and pair with our letterpress house inks. The colours currently include Cloud (pale grey), Blush (pale pink), Frost (pale blue) and Nude (light tan). These shades are all available in our Invitation, Response card, Save the date and Thank you card sizes.

If you want to add more interest to your stationery suite, you can also mix and match your envelope shades – for example, pair a White invitation envelope with a Blush response card envelope or vice versa.

Other envelope shades are also available on request, including Black, Brown, Kraft, shades of blue and shades of green. Please contact us to discuss your palette and the options available.

A few considerations when choosing an envelope colour:

How will you address your envelopes? If you choose a light envelope shade, almost anything goes. Calligraphy, digital printing, or write them by hand. If you choose a dark envelope colour, you’ll need to think creatively for the addressing. Calligraphy is the best solution for dark coloured envelopes as Calligraphers can use a white or metallic ink (like gold or silver). We can recommend a number of calligraphers (depending on your location) please (get in touch)(/about/contact) if you'd like more information.

Finishing Options

There are a range of ways you can finish your envelopes to create the perfect first impression.

Digitally Printed Guest Names & Addresses

Digital printing of delivery addresses is the perfect way to finish your envelopes with a matching design. Each envelope is printed with fonts and colours to compliment your invitation style.

If you are hand-delivering your invitations, you can have your guest names printed on the front of each envelope for a beautifully finished and personally addressed envelope.

More information about our delivery address printing can also be found on the Envelopes page on our website.

Caitlin Suite Invitation Envelopes in Soft White 100% cotton with delivery and return address printing

Lauryn Suite Invitation Envelopes in Blush with delivery address printing

Digitally Printed Return Address

Add your names and return address to your envelope flap for no additional cost when you select delivery address printing. If you'd rather not include your return address, you can also instead opt to include a design element on the flap, such as a monogram, illustration or wedding date.

Josephine Suite Invitation Envelopes in Frost with delivery and return address printing

Printed Embellishments

Your envelopes can be printed with more than just an address. Add a special touch with with a monogram, border, or embellishment on your guest address.


Alternatively, we also highly recommend calligraphy for your guest names & addresses. Calligraphers can use Gold and Silver metallic ink shades which pair beautifully with foiling. We can recommend some wonderful calligraphers who can match our font styles, please (contact us)(/about/contact) if you are interested in this option.

Envelope Liners

Envelope liners are one of our favourite ways to add colour or pattern to your invitation suite. They can be used to accentuate the simplicity and quality of our letterpress printing by adding contrast and colour. Liners fit inside your envelopes and are the first thing your guests will see on opening the envelope. This is the perfect place to add something special and different to your design, such as a floral illustration, pattern or watercolour effect.

Naomi Suite Invitation Envelopes with Vintage Magnolia envelope liner

Celeste Suite Invitation Envelopes with Blush Mist envelope liner

A full list of the envelope liner options available can also be found on the Envelopes page on our website.


Your postage stamp makes a big impact on the overall envelope design. Make sure to consider the type of postage stamp you’d like ahead of time – Australia post often has beautiful floral or wedding-specific stamps that can be ordered ahead of time.

Samples of our envelopes options are included in our Sample Packs. Swatches of all of our Envelope shades are also included in our Ordering Packs, which you'll receive when you place an online quote request. If you have questions about any of these options, please (get in touch)(/about/contact) for guidance and personalised advice!

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What our clients say...

Andrea, thank you for the absolutely wonderful job you did with our invitations. You really went above and beyond to help us with our vision. They're just gorgeous and have everyone gushing. You've really helped to make everything come together.
- Sarah & John (QLD Australia)
The invitations are lovely. Thank you so much. We are both very happy. It has been such a pleasant experience working with you, thank you again.
- Rebecca & Alban (NSW Australia)
I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU! Our invitations are absolutely beautiful. So elegant. We absolutely love them. Your service has been impeccable and we couldn't ask for a better product. Thank you so much, it's been an absolute pleasure dealing with you.
- Olivia & George (VIC Australia)